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Thank you for looking for Tulsa Windows through Scelta Windows. We are your #1 choice for replacement windows, as well as residential new construction windows. Our customers are always satisfied because from beginning to end, you will be pleased with the superior products and customer service we offer.

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Who is behind Scelta Windows?

Joe Minardi, owner of Scelta Windows in Tulsa, Oklahoma is no stranger to home renovation. Joe has more than two decades of experience in the home improvement industry. This includes residential remodeling, replacement window sales, and window installation.

Our Passion to Help You

In Tulsa, Joe Minardi is well known and loved for the time he spent on the radio home improvement show on local station KRMG alongside Denver Fox. Joe enjoyed the opportunity to help listeners by providing tips and tricks for their home improvement projects for more than a decade. The insight Joe learned from his interaction with listeners showed him that there are many people just like him who enjoy the “do-it-yourself” remodeling option.

At Scelta, our passion is to not only provide full installation of windows for customers who need it, but also lend a helping hand to those who need and want to complete a job on their own. We are passionate about helping our customers achieve their goals with varying levels of support from our team.

Whatever your home improvement needs, Scelta Windows has an option for you. When on the hunt for Tulsa Windows, call Scelta at 918-855-6546 or contact us online for a Free Estimate.

ENERGY-STAR Tulsa Windows

At Scelta Windows, we only carry high-quality, ENERGY-STAR rated, vinyl window options. These are the most energy efficient and cost effective for you. We provide affordable replacement windows in Tulsa along with new construction windows for the residential market. What we provide you as our customer is an in-home sales demonstration as well as free measuring and estimating by an experienced window professional.

PSO Power Forward Rebates

Along with carrying ENERGY-STAR rated products, Scelta Windows also meets the requirements for the PSO Power Forward Rebate program. If you’re looking for ultimate energy savings and rebates, consider Scelta Windows when you approach your window replacement project. You will save money immediately through the rebate program, and you will also save money in the long-term with your overall energy savings and cost efficiency with your lowered utility bills.

Decorative Windows

Windows are more than a practicality; they offer an opportunity for you to exhibit your personality and give your home character. We have a variety of decorative options to help you personalize your living space just the way you want it. Some options include:

  • Colors and finishes
  • Grid options
  • V-grooved cut glass
  • Specialty shapes

We offer choices

Scelta means “choice”, and that’s we are all about. Scelta customers appreciate have the choice of options that are appropriate to their budget and meet the specifications of their project. Some of our options for Tulsa Windows include:

  • Single-hung windows
  • Double-hung windows
  • Doors
  • D-I-Y packages
  • Full installation
  • Windows Only

Our Exceptional Warranty Program

We are so passionate about excellent customer service that we offer a warranty program unlike any other. Our lifetime transferrable warranty means that we stand behind our windows no matter what. If you install windows in your home, then sell your property and move on, we will still keep the warranty on those windows, even in the case of breakage for the new owners. What other company do you know who offers this kind of commitment to quality?

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