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Tulsa Window Replacement

An innocent backyard baseball game can turn into quite a mess when the crack of a the bat and that killer homerun turn into shards of broken glass after the ball shatters the living room window, but broken windows aren’t the only reason you may be searching for Tulsa window replacement. There are many reasons individuals may be looking to purchase new windows for their home or office.

If you’re searching for quality Tulsa window replacement, look no further than Scelta Windows in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Call us today at 918-855-6546 or contact us online to receive a free estimate.


Reasons to Replace Your Windows

You might only think of replacing windows after a scenario where a window was broken by kids playing or a rock being launched into the pane by a lawn mower, but there are many more reasons you may wish to replace your windows besides breakage. Consider the following:

  • Save up to 25% on your energy bills with Energy Star Rated windows
  • Reduce outside noise significantly
  • Remodeling with decorative windows
  • Renovating a garage into a room that needs more light
  • Upgrading your home to increase its value before selling
  • Upgrading to energy efficient windows to receive rebate and save on utilities over time
  • Window replacement after a break-in

What to Consider During Window Replacement

There are several types of windows to consider when you are deciding what to purchase. While there are many companies you may choose for Tulsa window replacement, Scelta is the only one who sells nothing but energy efficient windows. All of our windows are ENERGY-STAR rated, qualify for the PSO Rebate program and feature our impeccable customer services and lifetime transferrable warranty.

Don’t forget about options! At Scelta, you have a variety of aesthetic and energy saving options, such as:

  • Colonial or flat shaped grids
  • A choice of color and finish
  • Various shapes of grids
  • V-grooved cut class
  • Specialty Shapes


Window Type

You may not know that windows come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and kinds. When considering window replacement in Tulsa, know that Scelta has many different types of windows to meet your needs and the purpose of the room or building needing a new window. We sell the following kinds of windows:


Not Just Windows

Scelta doesn’t just sell windows. Contact Scelta today for a free estimate if you are consider replacing a patio door and want one of our beautiful glass patio door options.


Scelta means choice. Choice means options

One of the things we are most proud of at Scelta Windows is the variety of service options we have to meet any need you have for Tulsa Window Replacement. Want to install yourself? We can sell you the windows. Want to save money and learn to install the products yourself? We can teach you how with our do-it-yourself package. Want the ultimate replacement package and know the entire project will be handled from start to finish? Purchase our turnkey package for a complete, custom installation by our professionals. 


Tulsa Window Replacement with Scelta Windows

Scelta means “choice”, and choices are what we offer. Explore the many services we offer to meet all of your window and door replacement and installation needs. Call Scelta at 918-855-6546 or contact us online to receive a free estimate on your Tulsa Window Replacement today.

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